Rockabye Dead Man 2012
with Sway Productions
What happened to Henry 2015
Everything is Dandy 2013
Waiting for Exit 2017
Paparazzi Love 2015
Hooligan Street Pictures
is a member of the
Tacoma Film Alliance
Written and directed by Joseph Kephart.
Upon learning that his son wants to place
him in a retirement home, Henry takes
measures into his own hands. Starring
Doug Johnston, Bill Read jr. and Holly Rose. Waiting For Exit was an official
selection for the Port Orchard Film
Festival, playing on May 6th 2017. It was
also selected for the Hill Top Street
Festival in Tacoma WA, and played on Aug. 26th 2017
No Blood On Thursday
The short film that began as an idea to incorporate some of the awesome people I'd met at Tacoma Film Alliance, as well as
become an entry for the WAM Film Festival 2018. A big thank you to all the cast and crew. Amy Bernadette, Craig Lyon, Ty Anderson, Vivian Bettoni, Steve Dunkelberger, Jon Palms,  Melanie Rose Nardini, Juan Aleman II, Chris Burrows, Suzanne Skaar, and Lorie Lyon.
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